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Thread: Why do people hate Wayne?

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    Why do people hate Wayne?

    Of course I think tech is best rapper! But weezy should be up there to! His new shit is wack rebirth shit like that it sucks!! But really. I'd like to know who thinks Carter and Carter 2 sucks? If u don't Like Wayne fine. But u must admit those albums were fire !!!

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    Because he thinks he is a robot with all that Auto-tune. I like some of his shit. Specially his mixtapes (Dedication 1,2, Drought 3)

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    Ricky's not even a clever troll

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    this... carter 2 wasnt awful. but put his best album against a lot of rappers, and he loses.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quemical
    Because he thinks he is a robot with all that Auto-tune. I like some of his shit. Specially his mixtapes (Dedication 1,2, Drought 3)

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    carter 1 and carter 2 do NOT suck. I was a wayne stan until the lilweezyana mixtape. he is NOT the same weezy he was on 1 and 2... not to mention dedication 2. every now and then he can get up on some shit that has that same feel but then he goes back to flooding the market with high pitched autotuned elementary rhyme bs.

    hate given.

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    Well to me hes hella fake.. he thinks all blood
    n shit. which he was exposed for all that in Compton
    by 40glocc . n yea his music jus succs dicc. him
    nd birdman

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    Why do people LIKE Wayne?.......Is my question.

    I don't know really what it is i just don't feel his stuff, i don't feel like he puts a lot of thought into his work or heart for that matter. I feel his stuff has no depth that its just thrown together with some auto-tune and made radio friendly. Which is fine for the radio when most the talent on there is below par.

    Also i feel like his music/rap is just kinda bla. He might not be horrible but i think he is way way way far from ever being the best....

    Let me also just say Tech can Collaborate with who ever he feels like it he is that good, and no matter he he does a song with, it will not diminish his shine in any way.

    Look at the Eminem/Wayne song "Drop The World" you listen to Wayne for the first 3 mins and think ehhh then Eminem comes and spits his verse and you see clear as day just how much he doesn't stack up with top talent.

    Just my 2 cents though guess everyone likes different things and not everyone can like the same stuff. So if you like Wayne then cool "To each there own"

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    This is 1 of the 1,000,000 threads about Lil Wayne

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    can we just make one big ass wayne thread? get it so everytime the name wayne or weezy is mentiononed its automatically moved into the thread so we dont have to read the same shit 50 bajillion times if we dont want too

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    the fact that he sed he is the best rapper alive which we all kno is false.

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