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Thread: Sign Twisted Insane to Strange

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    Sign Twisted Insane to Strange

    I've been following Tech and Twisted Insane for a looong time and I've always thought they should colab and be on the same label. A lot of people that love Tech, love Twisted Insane too, and I think he'd add a great new sound and a whole new fan base to Strange Music. I'd really recommend considering him, Shit, go on tour together and I bet you'll feel the same damn way. Love and huggs

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    Ya for real Twisted Insane thats my dude!!!

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    Twisted Insane has some raw spitting talent no doubt but I'd rather just see a collab rather than him signed to Strange. But yo that's just me. I can't vibe to some of his shit because there's cuts I literally can't understand. Difference with Tech is when he flows quick it's clear and precise. Twisted Insane not so much.

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    that'd be lame...i've seen him live, and his stage show is kind of boring...jus kind of stands there, not doing anything..and when he raps fast you cant even understand what he's saying cause he kind of jus screams in to the mic.

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