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Thread: All 6's And 7's Cover Art

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    All 6's And 7's Cover Art

    If you look at the top of the main page now it says TECH N9NE with tech in shades and a leather jacket to the right side. i think this is from the all 6s and 7 cover shoot. its been this way with EVERY other album, he always posts a new page layout that goes along with his next album. Im not saying it will look EXACTLY like this, but i think its definitly gunna be in that font, with a pic of tech wearing this and in black and red. anyone agree? or am i jsut an idiot lol actually dont answer that haha


    actually now that i look at it closer tech still has his corn rows in the pic, so im probably completely wrong. eitehr way ill delete this thread if its pointless, or i can keep it up for rumor discussion and future all 6s and 7s art info

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    that picture has been around quite a bit...

    its like an mtv pic or something they used it for his "someone to believe in" page about him and wayne collabing.

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    It's from the cover of Discussion Magazine

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    i dont think they will change the layout until the preorder is out

    this pic has been around for a whille

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    I think the font might have something to do with it, but that proly wont be the pic

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