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Thread: Techs tours!

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    Techs tours!

    He should play in bigger venues !!! Right?

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    I like the smaller venues. Personally

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    Yeah, but not TOO smal...His performances are bigger with bigger venues more roo, to move around and really do his thing

    Quote Originally Posted by 56Highland Villain
    I like the smaller venues. Personally

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    Noooooo I like being close I ain't trying to b super far I love getn fucked up jumping around wit everyone

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    Same here, I like the smaller venues, but I am curious what a HUGE venue with just Tech would be like.

    Quote Originally Posted by 56Highland Villain
    I like the smaller venues. Personally

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    Reno, NV has had a major improvement relating to Tech N9ne and the venue(s) he's played at. We had a small venue (The New Oasis) he played at for most of his tours and was okay (but not great). When The KOD tour came to The New Oasis he didnt do any creative entrances (which sucked because it was a smaller venue). When the Knitting Factory opened in Reno Tech was there for STRANGE DAYS tour it made the show much better becuase it was a bigger venue (allowing more stage props, movement, etc.).

    Scenario said, "whenever I was at the New Oasis and touched something I felt like I was going to get AIDS, now whenever I touch something at the Knitting Factory I FEEL LIKE I'M GONNA GET FUCKED!"

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    They need a bigger venue in Sacramento, The Boardwalk is hella small

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    well we dont really have anything bigger for him to play here in Chico, so i would say no. But that is for my own selfish reasons. haha

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    so im goin to go to my first concert on the 2nd or 3rd probally do i have to worry about getting my tickets alot before because i get paid on the 30th, what im asking is do you think they will sell out

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