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Thread: another verse let me know what you think

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    another verse let me know what you think


    rippin it viciously im tearin up the industrya bunch of fuckin punks runnin this game its confusing mereal raps dead cause these soulja boy fagsall on they radio screamin loud about they swagi cut ya fuckin head off and i "throw it in the bag" lyrical beast unlock the cage so i can lash out at all the mainstreamrappers claimin sets its disateriousmusics now blasphemousno true artists gettin radio play theyd rather hear a medicore muthafuckarap about his chains then a true man spittin about his life and all the pain then they wonder why we say rap is dead cause the head of the pac a bunch of wack ass mcs with no depth to theresongs just a bunch of catchy beats and lyrics with no heatbut he must be legit cause his watch is the shitbut the words that he spit sound muffled cause hes suckin someones dickcause there no damn way he keeps producin all them hitsi think the industry died the day autotune got in it so ill stay underground cause the mainstreams just a businessim in it for the music and i want people to be able to relate to my shitwho cares if i ever get a club hitcause i rap about my life and the pain that im feelin not about lambos and makin it rain on these bitchesso i say fuck the industry ill remain unmentioned ill do it myself i got my own damn vision

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    I hear em talkin, they mad at Smurf and Souljah Boy
    They hating big in the magazine, and dont even know the boys
    I know the ploy, washed up rappers wanna attack people
    Run up to the car, pull out the mac lethal
    Man that's a problem with the black people now

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