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Thread: Tech and Snoop Dogg?

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    Tech and Snoop Dogg?

    On the blog its talkin bout a possible tech and snoop dogg tour!! wat do yall think!

    I think it would be dope as hell, and it would bring in a lot of new fans who wana see snoop dogg (although I guess some of you dont like the idea of more fans judging by the last three months....) anyhoo, wat do ya think!?

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    I fucking love them both. My old boss went to a Snoop concert and he plucked a blunt to her while he was performing. Then they got to meet him after the show. She said she was so high off one hit of that blunt that she couldn't even talk to him. SMH that would be the shit!!!

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    he said in san diego it was for sure

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    It would be dope.

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    I think it wud b great i just hope its not in some huge stadium tour tho i like being packed in nxt to a bunch of drunk people goin crazy lol

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    fuck yea its gna be sick!! n tech said it was a for sure thing on stage in Fresno, ca... so imma take his word for it.. all i know is i'm buying my vip ticket as soon as the tour dates show up... one for Fresno and one for Santa Cruz... shit we gna be riding deep to that tour!!!

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    I just saw Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube in Lake Tahoe, CA (July 17th, 2010) and it was a great show (I also handed out a bunch of Tech N9ne - Gates Mixed Plate promo too).

    1. I hope BLH is on the tour with them.
    2. I hope they get booked at the Reno, NV - Knitting Factory (unlike the Independent Grind Tour)

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    Can't wait. Besides the birth of my kid, I'm really looking forward to this. And I'd be surprised if Lynch isn't on the tour. He'll have a new album to promote, and hell Snoop himself was on the previous one. Make it happen Strange!

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    Maybe they will add a white rapper and call it the red white and blue tour

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    Cognito anyone? lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky Schroder
    Maybe they will add a white rapper and call it the red white and blue tour

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