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Thread: Legit OG Copy of Be Warned album??!!

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    Legit OG Copy of Be Warned album??!!

    I run TNRM (Tech N9ne Rare Music). On my fb page, I got a follower that sent me this image claiming he he has a legit copy of Be Warned. The cover ok, Qwest label on it, doesn't look too cheaply printed. The thing throws me off is the tracks that never got released until early 2000s when he claims it was around 97 when this was released . You telling me Einstein was made in 97 and didn't get released until 2001 (Anghellic)? I think it might be fake. He also claims he showed it to Tech and Tech "had to take off his glassesand said I ain't seen no one with this." What y'all think? Any approve or dispprove this here?

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    wow that's really cool, i really want to hear some of those tracks in actual CD quality and not the bullshit quality that celcius cd was in. the psycho bitches track might be that alternate version I heard a long while back with the long intro which would be kinda cool, hopefully the guy isn't lying and actually uploads it, tell him to upload it in 320 if u can, we already got most of those tracks in low quality

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    I seen that cd on ebay a couple years ago. Someone was selling it for $600

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    Not saying it isn't real, but I won't believe it until I can listen to it. Tell him to upload it in 320.

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    So you run that page? For those of you wondering, it's a REAL copy. Also, if you have been on this forum for a while, people know on here my merch is legit as fuck. This pic was sent by me and yeah I own it and no I won't sell it

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    Yeagh Shiven, it's me, lol. I thought I already added you on my personal fb? Anyway, hope you don't mind me posting this on That's honestly the first thing I thought when u showed me this is showing everyone on here. Most ppl don't this exists dude. But I've officially been convinced [insert hate here]. After talking to a few ppl about it, I think it's legit. With tht being said , this might be the rarest shit I've ever seen. If anyone got better than this you gotta make me see, lol.

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    Just like I said on the X-Files EP...they don't share. But if they do give me the tracks one day, you all will be some of the first to know...

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