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Thread: The Gates Mixed Plate is a legit album!

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    The Gates Mixed Plate is a legit album!

    the Aftermath of Seepage has resulted in a bunch of fans given tech props for not being soft, especially after the Gates Mixed Plate. I don't know about you guys, but I love the Gates Mixed Plate. That shit BUMPS on my big ass speakers in my room and in my car. And your talking to the guy whos favorite album out of any artist is the Calm Before the Storm. its just fucked up that so many fans talked shit about Tech for having fun for one time in his life. and i'm tired of all this mainstream shit. i hope Tech N9ne sells 1 million copies in the first week just like the Carter 3 on his next album "all 6's and 7's. and i hope he does appear on every video and song on mtv, bet, vh1 or whatever. ive been waiting for ever to hear tech n9ne on the radio everywhere and people actually know who im talking about. so fuck all you people who don't like his new shit. just "go buy his old shit."

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    prepare to be flamed my friend...

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    Fuck thatvthe mixed plate was a good album fuck everyone who think tech sold out he is just finally getting the recognition he deserves

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    cool story bro

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    hell yeah tech didn't sell out he's jus on bigger better things n tha hardcores(like me n sum of tha others) should support tech n e where he wants to put his music out get errone infected change it up for tha openminded hardcores n tha new listeners

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    I fucking AGREE man, 200%

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