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Thread: Seepage ?

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    Seepage ?

    Just listened to the "Seepage" EPIt's the shit !Who agrees?

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    lol, offcourse we do, this is his fan site.

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    hahas true

    Quote Originally Posted by John Endresen
    lol, offcourse we do, this is his fan site.

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    i loved the hell out of it....the lyrics were amazing and the beats were sick as fuck! i cant wait for all 6's & 7's to drop...ill be pre-ordering that shit for sure

    ~alucard everlasting....timeless bars when im raping...all these stars never last...and i will still stand while everyone's passing~

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    Hell yeah!
    Alucard ft. Satan on the hook haha

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    That shit would of been too much for KOD.....TECH would of caused RIOTs N SHIT....that shit is fucking crazy .....I LIKE IT.... STRANGE MUSIC ALL DAY ALL NIGHT

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