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    I cant believe everyone is going nuts over this crap... What the fuck tech youve gone way in the wrong direction. where is the real shit like come gangsta, riot maker, and like all of mlk. This crap is just goofy. Its called being sad or mad not having demons... tech needs to realize he isnt some supernatural being. He is the owner of a successful company. this music is so straight line. The flow is gone. Its just words said quickly now with boring beats and repetitive choruses... Thought tech would mature as he got older not more childish

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    I have to agree with your statement. I listened to Alucard about 15 times not because it was good but because it did not sound like Tech. I listening to the lyrics it honestly sounds like this whole ordeal he is going through created a whole different person. Tech talks as two different people first he's talking as if he is (Alucard). Then reverts back to Tech. Maybe thats me just thinking to hard though.

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    actually seepage is what most reminds me of his older music like anghellic and absolute power he had gotten away from it with his collabo albums which are still dope anyways

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    i thought seepage was sick as hell.. what more would you expect from a 5 song ep?
    and the way tech thinks supernaturally is sick as fuck.. thats one of my favorite skills of his.

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    then listen to Come Gangsta, Riot Maker and like all of MLK.

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    HEY..... quit tryin to fuck that dog!!!

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    i get what your sayin but TECH DOES NOT JUST DO ONE THING!!!! he is everything. just let tech do what he does and enjoy it or wait til the next album drops

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    damn man it seems like no matter what tech does he just cant make people happy. i thought it was awesome because i thought it sounded like the tech ive always loved

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    jeff u complain more than my 3yr old u on here as a tech fan but 4 som reason there always the crybabies n let me guess ur gonna start the 1000000000th forum bitchin bout tech collabin i thnk he said fu pay me

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    javiel- i agree to an extent and see where your coming from

    steve- i get what your saying and personally collabos dont bother me. im speaking on tech alone.

    pimp limp- i dont mind supernatural incorporation in the music but it gets annoying when everything bad for him has to do with some god complex. Maybe tech feels like there are demons inside of him but if he wants to "expand across the world" like he has always said he does hes going to have to use a more human expression of emotions rather than anger being demons battling for his soul and crap.

    rotten body landslide- i do. i still believe in tech though so i try the new stuff as well.

    joe smith (aka guy willing to put his myspace in his name because he is that desperate.)- I fully encourage evolution and self actualization as a person. Its what seems to be a lack of perfection and effort that tech use to posses that bothers me. choruses dont need to be different just not one phrase repeated about 10 times in 30 seconds. Harvey dent sucks dick. Great message with a shit way of saying it. the chorus blewwwww. i suppose next tech will feel like an outsider and make a song relating himself to shrek... i like tech become popular but not at the expense of his music.

    YoucantstandtheREIGN- i like collabos. good cold read

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