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Thread: errr!!!

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    ahh shit!!

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    seen u alot on youtube ...didnt know you were on trt9

    Quote Originally Posted by Bronze Lain

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    Yeah man people do need to stop sleepin on you man.

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    I was gonna comment and say something negative, but listened to the song first.
    Its pretty good.

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    hes fast as fuck but its hard to understaNd what hes saying... he need to learn to be clearer... but super sick shit.. i wouldnt be suprized if i saw tech with this fool

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    Damn that was fuckin dope.

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    yea its free at search for vbl mixtape youtube

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Got damn. Youre one talented mother fucker. I have no doubt youll get your name out there.

    By the way, do you have a mixtape or some shit I can check out?

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