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Thread: Kaliko's verse on Midwest Choppers

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    Kaliko's verse on Midwest Choppers

    Anybody got the lyrics on when he raps triple-time ? Just after the "STOP". I can't find them anywhere...

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    Looked in my iTunes lyrics, and I had it. I'm pretty sure I did them myself a long time ago. Enjoy!

    (Full Kali Verse):
    Kalibaby ya betta act right get right
    cause I'm the badest nigga hookin' up with the fastes bad asses
    to hitch with the lyrical lyrical miracle whip incredible
    bout to knock the head offa several
    diggy diggy down watch'em figgy frown at the clown them hounds is bound for you town diggy, diggy, diggy
    and if your lookin' for the sound it can be found by the nigga wearin' the crown
    are you really wit me?

    And when you hear it nigga then zip it the xzibit make ya wanna reposition ya pivot
    when we write it and spit it we makin' somebody get it and if they won't hear it and get livid forget it forget it
    or I can keep babalin' on or rattlin' off at the mouth why were travelin' and don't be thinkin' that I be speakin' about the things that I be doin cause what's comin' up out my mouth free I'm bout ta ruin.You and you and you
    and can stop for a drop of the Caribou
    and if it's on and poppin' it's stewie oohee ooh
    and I won't hesitate to chop you and chewy oohee
    what it dooee oh
    and if your lookin' for the better of the veterans who can bust you got the Kali gun for fun
    and they don't be bussin' backatcha when you attack'em on a track I hope they puttin' down they gun
    cause Dalima's a choppa, D-Loc a choppa, that Tecca Nina's a choppa
    Kalico al'knock ya block off ya neva see it comin' hitcha when we gunnin' you runnin' we walk off
    cause it's more than bread that we wantin' an we goin' head
    and we won't stop till we get to the top ya in the way then we Midwest Chop ya.

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    the hit u wita gun and walk off line i think he got from ice cube when cub said hit u wita brick and im dancin! or from the video in cali where dude got hit wita brick and then the guy was dancin. i was like damn.

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