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Thread: Tech's latest Facebook post

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    Tech's latest Facebook post

    "K.A.B.O.S.H."I'm sure a bunch of you saw it. Who knows what it means, probably just a teaser. Some Kabosh would be nice, finally.

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    It probably means he's started some wrkn on it..who know..?

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    he should do a ''tupac'' on it,..which means, go into the studio, record about 5 songs a day & in about a week have enough songs for the album & then release it soon as possible lol

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    There's also on his fb a video of him, Kali and dirty wormz saying they are starting the album

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    i thought the apocalypse was supposed to be on 12/21/2012?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Hope that means well get it 2011. Ive been wanting it for years but since it kept getting pushed back, I was hoping hed drop it on 12/12/2012.

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    hes working on the kabosh album after all 6's and 7's apparently

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    yeah baby im ready like a mother fucker for this album

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