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Thread: who do you think you are??

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    who do you think you are??

    Now who the hell do you people think you you are?? you have no room to open your mouth!! and my question still stands who are you? what have you done in your life thats so great? who really knows your name? and what have you created that has made you a number one at anything? tech deserves everything he's earned and your jus hating because he can say what ever he wants and and doenst give a fuck what anybody thinks. and whats this thinking he's going main stream, his hair cuts, the way he's dressing. do you seriously have anything better to do then talk shit bout someone thats made their name and is succesful. havent you ever gotten tired of the way your hair looks or what your wearing same applies to Tech. unlti you do more then tech i dont think you got shit to talk bout. so i leave this discussion by saying, Tech your true fans love you, no matter whats going on in your life, we'll support you no matter. Tech do you!!!!!!!!!!

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