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Thread: Can we get a bigger venue in Tempe

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    Can we get a bigger venue in Tempe

    I think we proved marquee theater is too small for this movement. I couldn't even move to get pictures of the tits and only got about 4 good shots of boob. And also a 1 hr meet and greet is kinda shit I spent half of that waiting in line for krizz the other half waiting for tech and had to sneak a sec wit Scoob before security was like time to move out I couldn't even Holland at glasses or 40. Now I'm tryna be nice but it was hella tense wit all those people even Scenario saw me bout to beat some ass and I ain't tryna get put out over some bullshit I think a lil extra room would be dope. Bow flip side of that we was packed so deep they couldn't stop us from puttin it in the air and you always do a hellanificent show word.

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    Drugs...... but bullshit aside from fire and ice to now its been consistently more people and now there's no place to go except to a larger party site.

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    AZ kinda sucks with venues tho. either small places like marquee or huge places like cricket. and they like using marquee bc they kno its an automatic sell out

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    for sure they should use a different venue... they should use the one wiz is gonna play at... problem is its hard to find somewere with no seats.. but they could find somthing az has tonz of raves n shit im sure they could find somewhere like stratus

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