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Thread: That's it man I think I'm going to stop hanging with my best friend for awhile..

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    That's it man I think I'm going to stop hanging with my best friend for awhile..

    Before I go on I'll say that I'm talking about this not to try and bring personal matters to you guys but that this is kind of juggalo related and I'm not a juggalo and FYI I have nothing against juggalo's really..

    Anyway, I have this juggalo friend of mine who I've known for like over 5 years and is my best friend.. However the problem is that hes WAY too into Violent J and Shaggy. He always defends the miracles song and claims they no matter what make more show money then Tech N9ne and acts like they spit so hard and made me watch the ICP movie big money rustlas with him and blah blah blah..

    No big deal to a point its just his little thing hes still a great guy but now hes crossed the freakin line.. There I am trying to sleep and hes *****n txting me "I've told you that the Psychopathic building is literally wildly posessed by spirits and that J was posessed on the amazing jeckel right before the 6th jokers card and decided to stop fucking groupies at that moment right?".

    And it wasn't all one big txt it was like 3-4 txts over and over all early ass in the morning and hes txted me like that before like 3 other times already.. Hes just too obsessed with them that its affecting who he is. Infact hes even told he hes tried looking up if whether or not Violent J and Shaggy try to practice hypnosis and brain control in their music. Further more he sits around lazy all day smoking weed and doing oxy never looks for a job or puts the drugs down for even a moment to sit and realize whats going on in life and believes hes going to be successful no matter what and that hes already successful and will be forever just because he claims hes going to always be independant all the way and that he got that idea from ICP...

    Hes still my best friend when hes not going on with all that BS but man this clearly draws a line. But to not try and get too carried away with trying to explain everything too well/clearly I'd like a little advice because I don't want to lose a best friend over this garbage...

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    get him layed

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    i am a juggalo and i think he is takin this way to far. j and shaggy are awsome rappers but i do not base my life after theirs. i think the best thing to do is to let him know that j and shaggy's ass stink just like all of ours do. they are not gods by any stretch of the imagination. be nice about it and let him know he needs to step his game up. if he gets pissed then fuck him, find other friends. dont hate on juggalos because you always hear about the dick ones and never the cool ones.

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    ya i would just start bringing girls around him. They will laugh at the bull shit he's talking about and then hopefully he will realize that being an ICP fan will get you nothing but a face full of zits from wearing clown paint all the time.

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