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Thread: Movies That Should (Or) Shouldent Have Sequel.

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    Movies That Should (Or) Shouldent Have Sequel.

    Categories That should.

    <em>(How High 2.) (Half Baked (fully Baked) lol (Bad boys 3) Anything for Denzel Washington to have a part in it. "Bad guy like him in Traning day".</em>

    Categories that shouldent<em>.</em>

    <em>ALL Saws. Scary movies. Ironman. DBZ they killed the first one. </em>

    But thats my quick list.

    What would you like to see another make of and would hate to see again.???

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    Junior Member JR's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    I agree with the Half Baked, but disagree with Saw, I'm a big fan of them and understand the storyline unlike most. Even though I do think that this 3D one should be the last like they say it will.

    Now for movies that should: Pineapple Express, Boondock Saints(just because the 2nd one wasn't as great, maybe 3rd time is a charm)

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    Senior Member ShivenDesai's Avatar
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    That should-How High, Half Baked, Pineapple Express, Super Bad, and some others I can't think of right now.

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    I've noticed you guys want the stoner movies sequeled lol.

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    Senior Member ALEXXX's Avatar
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    homeward bound shouldnt have had sequels...hah

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    man iron man deuce was fuckin dope

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dukecityspecialist
    man iron deuce was fuckin dope

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    Movies that should-Step Brothers, I'd love to see where they went with that Karaoke business. Lol.-Anchorman, how are they doing with being the best Anchor people in the world???? I gotta know-Big Daddy (It's a little late now, cause both Adam Sandler and John Stuart are pretty old) but seein where that went could be interesting. -Knocked Up, they had a what???-8 Mile, did Rabbit become a world famous rapper???? Lol.-American Pie 4, What happened after they got married?? Maybe Mitch married Stifflers mom-Super Bad, would of been nice to know if Seth/Evan ever fucked those two girls. Lol.

    Movies that shouldn't of-I agree with Saw, except they should of stopped after Jigsaw died, cause it was stupid afterwards-All the goddamn knock offs from American Pie like Band Camp and Beta House-Spider Man, first one was stupid as hell, why did they make 2 and 3-The remake of Texas Chainsaw, enough said-Jeepers Creepers 2, was more like a comedy to me than a "horror" movie-Fast n the Furious 2 and Tokyo Drift.

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    they are making an american pie 4

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    I'd like to see the trailor for this

    Quote Originally Posted by Jbone9
    they are making an american pie 4

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