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Thread: Tech n9ne CD (10 songs u would have)

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    Tech n9ne CD (10 songs u would have)

    I was just chillin and seen the last 10 songs of tech i put on my computer and ive been a fan for awhile and thought this would show how good he was in alot of areas in rap and would be a bad ass 10 song CD.What would u think would be a killer tech 10 song cd1.devil boy2.breathe3.who u came to see4.god complex5.come gangsta6.fuck'em girl7.that owl8.Ass hole9.take it off10sleeping beautyI think the cd would flow really nice too.

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    mine-in no certain order:
    Red Nose
    Leave Me Alone
    Suicide Letters
    Midwest Choppers 2
    The PASEO
    Far Away
    This Ring
    This Life
    Welcome to the Midwest

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    Senior Member SethWhorton's Avatar
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    1.God Complex
    2.Blown Away
    3.Be Warned
    4.This Ring
    6.Red Nose
    7.In The Air
    8.Last Words
    10.Need More Angels

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    Top 10!!!

    1 Red Nose
    2 Blown Away
    3 Message to the black man
    4 No Can do
    5 Riot maker
    6 I Love you But Fuck You
    7 Like Yeah
    8 Einstien
    9 Harvey Dent
    10 The Industry is Punks

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    My ic tech cd would be.......

    1. stamina/ sinister tech
    2. Midwest choppers
    3. Now its on
    4. Imma tell
    5. Melancholy maze/ welcome to my world
    6. Industry is punks
    7. Strange music box
    8. Caribou lou
    9. Red nose
    10. This ring

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    That is really hard but I'll try.

    1. Absolute Power
    2. Tormented
    3. Trapped In A Psycho's Body
    4. This Ring
    5. Red Necro
    6. Breathe
    7. Let Me In
    8. Red Nose
    9. One Good Time
    10. Need More Angels

    There are a ton of other songs I love but to give someone a sampler I think that'd do a pretty decent job of portraying him. Mainly I'm missing the party tunes, most of us agree those aren't his best anyway even though still good. "Red Necro" is not one I really personally relate to but the flow is really good and it lets you into his world, kind of makes his insanity seem more reasonable. "Need More Angels" gives you a taste of the direction he is attempting now, there are plenty of other good ones that are recent (like K.O.D. songs) but it's really hard to choose ten from an artist with over 200 great ones.

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    1. the grinch
    2. red nose
    3. riotmaker
    4. come gangsta
    5. midwest choppers
    6. why you ain't call me
    7. show me a god
    8. einstein
    9. that box
    10. the industry is punks
    Damn that was hard 2 narrow it down to just 10!

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    no particular order

    1. This Ring
    2. Keep On Keepin On
    3. My World
    4. This Is Me
    5. Come Gangsta
    6. Midwest Choppers
    7. Pyscho Bitch 2
    8. Red Nose
    9. Beef
    10. K.O.D.

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    1. Strange
    2. Mitch Bade
    3. This Is Me
    4. This Ring
    5. Blown Away
    6. Rednose
    7. I Love You But Fuck You
    8. Need More Angels
    9. Stress Relief
    10. Lets Get Fucked Up

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    No certain order.

    Industry is Punks.
    Midwest Choppers
    Red Nose
    This Ring.
    Come Gangsta
    Blown Away
    Like Yeah
    Riot Maker.

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