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    what yall think about them sayin jay-z is evil and shit( on to the next one video breakdown)

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    that nigga sold his soul...rockafella....rothschilds own a 13 controlling banks in the world.......look at all the videos....look up the song freemason with him and rick ross crazy shit

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    I enjoy listening to his music.
    But thats some crazy stuff if he is really in the mason ish.

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    i lost any respect i had for him when he signed a 9 year old

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    I support him and dig his music all the way
    3rd Degree Renegade Mason FTW!!

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    thats a pretty retarded reason to lose respect for someone. he's a businessman and thinks the kid will be a money making machine. and he's probably right

    Quote Originally Posted by a tie a
    i lost any respect i had for him when he signed a 9 year old

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