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Thread: Me Rapping a series Tech N9ne songs at a concert, its called 'The Tech N9ne Experience'

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    Me Rapping a series Tech N9ne songs at a concert, its called 'The Tech N9ne Experience'

    This is a video of me rapping a mix of tech songs in the same sorta as tech would from one of his live concerts lol face paint and all even got some dance moves of his in there loldont think of it as biteing i made it clear this was tech n9nes work. Just spreading the word Ya'kno? anyway have a peep n tell me what you think

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    If you're the dude on the right then good job, I tip my hat. Obviously alot more comfortable on stage than the other. And at the beginning I was a little skeptical, but as the mix proceeded and you got into it a bit I could see how it would be enjoyable at a talent show. Hell probably better than the clog dancing act haha... Props on the Midwest Choppers verse. I'll give it up to you for this, shows the right spirit.

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    painful :\ lol not bad, but i hate the whole akward audience thing, makes it hard to watch

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    A-mac: Shot bro yeah i am the dude on the right, for the other dude that was his first time on stage lol. yeah haha even though i screwed up the midwest choppers verse soo much haha

    Siikez: I know exactly what you mean bro.imagine being the performer at the time haha but hey, won 50 bucks out of it and it was fun so what the hell haha

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    get more into it if you do it again. instead of just kinda rapping it move around and put some energy into your voice

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    Shit nigga that takes a lot of nerve to do some Tech shit in front of an audience who probably never even heard of him. Props. yeah guy with the shark teeth face paint wasnt too amazing. LOL you had a Tech goatee painted on lmfao funny shit dude.

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    haha i can dig it, u had the balls to go up there n do it.. wasnt great but like i said i can dig it.. props

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    Nice!! We throw the "Salue" hook in our set before we do our song "Raise Your Glass" it always has a good reaction!

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    That was pretty cool. Crowd didn't show much love during but after it seemed like they loved it. Its good to see that schools are letting Tech songs be heard now. I used to get in trouble for even listening to the shit.

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    Damn I would never have the balls to do that shit.. Props man.

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