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Thread: Id love sum feedback on my music :)

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    Id love sum feedback on my music :)

    wats up everybody? My name is troy but my music name is Lyrix and im always freestyling and makin tracks. I jus wanna know what yall think of my songs. I got a shoutout to tech n9ne in Blowin up, and i think u will like them all to lol so lemme know what you think. i dont have a mic just a mac so dont be to harsh ok? alright thanx and if you like it i will put more up, ive got about 80 songs

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    Nice man. I really like your of flow on these songs. I like the second song the best, you did a good job of rapping fast and having a great flow while at the same time having very good diction and clarity to you words. You have potential. hope that helps

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    This is pretty damn good man. Like was said before the flow and word usage is pretty good. The only things I would say you should work with are the beat itself, if you made it a little more complex and then match the volume better with the words. For instance in "Let em Know", I felt like the volume on the beat should have been louder on the chorus, on the verses it sounded perfect because it's sort of behind your rap but as you sang it could pick up and be epic powered. That can all be worked with easy though, the hard part is the writing and vocals but you have that.

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    Dang I'm impressed. You're good enough you should buy some decent equipment or some studio time and get a mixtape going.

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    Ha i preciate all that, guys. yeah i know i have trouble sumtimes with the volume i am really truing to work on that. i have a loooooot more songs and if i keep getting feedback like this and i now that alot of ppl are checkin it out, i will def put summore up. i really do appriciate this tho yall.

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