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Thread: Bad season first song

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    Bad season first song

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    Nice find thanks. Its not bad, anyone know what song the beat is from? Or is it original?

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    Diggin this shit homie thanks shits pimp, oh n i think its n original beat cus tech didnt want to use otha ppls beats but not one hunid on that pretty sure tho

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    Whoever said something about Whoo Kid hollering on the track sure nailed it though. lol Probably just for the intro though, but it was really good. Looking forward to the rest, some awesome features involved on it. Tech and Snoop especially if what I read was correct.

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    naw man its a mixtape so tha djs r gonna make it special n its just whoo kids way of doin it. it eventually becomes less noticeable but im def lookin foreward to it. o btw who is red spyder or whoever he is, not hatin, just havent heard of him till just now

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    damn that was too goood

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    yeah definatley lookin foreward to this mixtape, if yall aint heard this shit yet check it out

    Quote Originally Posted by 8yn9ne
    damn that was too goood

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    #BADSEASON OR #BADSEASONMIXTAPE needs 2 B a trending topic. If u rly fux w/@TechN9ne den make it so & get da project out da gankin zone!! Aiight1-Draven Out

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