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Thread: All 6's & 7's or Something Else

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    All 6's & 7's or Something Else

    I know it's a little early but I was wondering what some of your thought were on this?

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    SE easily imo. 6s & 7s was a well rounded project that I think is top 5 of his releases though

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    Something Else. I liked All 6 and 7 a lot but i think Something Else is better.

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    All 6s and 7, much better lyricism.

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    Something Else was WAAAY better, the first time i liked every song off a tech album ever since Anghellic

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    Something Else by a lot. But I still really enjoyed A6&7s.

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    There were some really dope songs in Something Else (Colorado, So Dope, Straight out the Gate) but in my opinion All 6's and 7's is better overall. But my favourite albums of all time are definitely Welcome to Strangeland and Sickology 101.

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    I seem to be on that same page.

    I liked Straight out the Gate,So Dope..those tracks were huge! with a couple others but the Somethin Else album really seemed to have that Yeezus influence..I just don't know wtf is up with the majority of the beats.

    6's n 7's seemed to be such a cohesive album from start to finish. It seemed to have like three s in one. The tracks were all dope and there was a ton of great ideas in there.

    Something Else sounded really focused on a mainstream sound to me... It was very artsy but it just seemed to fall short to me.

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    Like tech said this ablum is something else ina different of tech he is evoling as a person and as aarrist so thete is no comparing

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    Absolutely loved both projects, both #2 & #3 fav in Tech's catalog, Something Else was most personal album imo and flowed perfectly throughout entire time but A6A7s had a lot of overall better songs compared to SE. WWC, Mental Giant, so many more. But they are neck in neck to me in regards to his best LPs

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