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Thread: TOP 10 OF 2010?

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    TOP 10 OF 2010?

    01. ESHAM - suspended animation. (dude invented horrorcore and is STILL on the cutting edge of the genre 20 plus albums and 1 billion imitators later)02. TECH N9NE - seepage ep. yeah yeah yeah IK it aint out yet but IK imma love it just from the stuff i have heard.03. KRIZZ KALIKO -Shock Treatment (Let It grow on you, it's a great album) [Its headin for number 1 everytime i listen to the record]04 COGNITO - Automatic05. TECH N9NE - The Lost Scripts Of KOD. EP that could play endlessly it's so dope.06. KUTT CALHOUN - Raw & Un-Kutt07. NECRO - Die!08. BROTHA LYNCH HUNG - Dinner & A Movie. - Dont Git Me Wrong Excellent album, it looks low but top 10 outta the whole year is outstanding, the ONLY thing that hinders the album abit is the abundance of skits...while they are entertaining, after awhile im gettin sick of gittin up n hittin next on the cd changer. lol09. TECH N9NE COLLABOS - The Gates Mixed Plate. Love it for sure but I played it endlessly for like 2 weeks n now I cant bring myself to even listen to anything off it other than O.G.10. STRANGE DAYS - A Decade Of Excellence. I Like The Shit thats all i got to say. Irv was shining.Honorable MentionIRV DA PHENOM - my dude Irv released the appopriately titled ''Free' the other day it's the shit, dude is killin it right now. the album is a free download. and it's tight as all hell. i bet u see him on strange signed within the next year or 2. EMINEM - Recovery. while Em proves he is lyrically still on top of HIS game, its not Slimshady (like everyone was RAVING it was), It's not that arabian voice (WIN), it's not as vicious him on 'Kill You' or 'The Way I Am' it's ups and downs...I am not all that into all the guest hooks and the album played itself out in my deck quickly. HOPSIN...idk if he's released an actual album this yr cause of all that bullshit with Ruthless Records but on his site he's straight giving away all kinds of shit...the dude's insane.anyway those are just my thoughts....mind you: people who want to bait and talk all kinds of hostility, if its here it's good top 10 out of 1,000's in the rap game is dope.

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    Twiztid - H&H

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    that aint out yet is it? im waiting on itm the fuckin thing slipped my mind lol

    Quote Originally Posted by GreenBlood
    Twiztid - H&H

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    It's already been dropped, you should check it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by RICH THE ROCKER
    that aint out yet is it? im waiting on itm the fuckin thing slipped my mind lol

    Quote Originally Posted by GreenBlood
    Twiztid - H&H

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    Tech N9ne - See Page EP
    Tech N9ne-The Lost Scripts of K.O.D.
    Eminem - Recovery
    Brotha Lynch Hung - Dinner And A Movie
    Tech N9ne - TOGMP
    Esham - Suspended Animation
    Trae The Truth - The Truth
    ZRo - Heroine
    VInnie Paz - Season Of The Assassin
    Wu Massacre -Ghost.Meth,Rek

    10 best releases of 2010 in my opinion

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    1.king gordy xerxes
    2.BLH dinner and a movie
    3.Boondox south of hell
    4.twiztid H&H
    5.necro die. clay BOTW collabos
    8.kutt calhoun raw & unkutt
    9.blaze gang rags
    10.eminem recovery
    where the lost scripts is an EP i left it off the list but i love it
    honorable mention Esham Cognito Krizz

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    My top 10 for so far in 2010...

    1. Krizz Kaliko - Shock Treatment

    2. Tech N9ne - Lost Scripts of K.O.D.

    3. Korn - Korn 3: Remember Who You Are

    4. Disturbed - Asylum

    5. Stone Sour - Audio Secrecy

    6. Tech N9ne Collabos - Gates Mixed Plate

    7. Kutt Calhoun - Raw & Un-Kutt

    8. Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

    9. Eminem - Recovery

    10. Tech N9ne - Seepage (Although it's not out yet, if it's anything like K.O.D. or Lost Scripts, it's going to be fuckin' awesome)

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    Tech N9ne-Lost Scripts.
    Twiztid-H and H.
    Boondox-South of Hell.
    Kutt Calhoun-Raw N UnKutt.
    Kaliko-Shock Treatment.
    Esham-Suspended Animation.
    DJ Clay-Book of the Wicked.

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    Right on for that support Rocker, 1 luv.

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    COG. a while back i remember u said u did a track with Twiztid. is that for ur album?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cognito
    Right on for that support Rocker, 1 luv.

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