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Thread: Rich Draheim: A Trip Around The Universe (2010)

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    Rich Draheim: A Trip Around The Universe (2010)

    Aside from being an MC, making hip-hop beats and all that good shit. I also am a Guitar Player, and I also play drums, bass, keyboard and if given a half hour, whatever I git my hands on. I don't know if yall are open to sum music like this but I figured I'd post it anyway, It's Instrumental, Progressive Rock/Metal/Blues/Jazz and whatever I feel like throwing in the mix...Basically if you ain't musically all tense n shit, this is listenable. If you are a strict hip-hop head u might be like "stick them riffs over a beat" which I have done before with some of my other rock songs.feel free 2 git at me for some beats if u got flow, or a guest appearance or whatever just holla at me on my page.This is my 3rd Rock album this year...And Imma say it's the final one but I already got an EP started and If I end up pushin on with that then I'll git that one out as well. I write a song everyday pretty much, I mean this is what I do I'm a musician. can't change it it's just who I am.The First 2 disc's are both 79 min each, this one is 76...I feel it's all kinda one album but you only get so much room on a CD. ummm, if you happen to like the shit here, about 1/2 of those 2 previous albums I talked about are available on my Myspace page. other discs like this were produced independently and have sold a fairly decent number of copies, I ran out a few times n i'm runnin more off but I'm kinda thinkin of changing the packaging and shit n makin it a 3 disc set...The 2-disc was only 5 Bucks n included pacakaging. 34 songs 2 discs, all killer no filler for 5 bucks. can hardly beat that...those we're Just Listen Volume 1Just Listen Volume 2This is a whole new kinda monster, like I said it's on some other level different shit so sum of yall might nit get it but here it is anyway...ENJOY!!!!I also got a couple of my hip-hop album sampler's imma be uploading soon so keep a look out for that, theres a ton of shit on my profile here on, even a mixtape i recorded in 8th grade at age 14. called 'Apocalyptic signz' under the name CYNikal notice NYC backwards lolMuch Love Fam,Rich The RockeR Draheim[Official Strange Music Blogger]Rockapedia Entertainment/D.O.P.E. (D.eadly, O.verdose of P.oetic E.lectric) Flowz Musick/SessionFiveMedia.p.s. should have an exclusive irv da phenom interview comin atcha pretty soon!!!!!I made that cover also V<p ="text-align: left;"><img ="width: 536px; height: 536px;" src="" alt=""/>[/p]

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