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Thread: Jay Rock signed with Strange Music

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    Jay Rock signed with Strange Music

    I've seen it today and just surprised. What y'all think bout this?

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    But I think Tech had to have Craig Smith, Irv da Phenom and Stevie Stone. in my opinion they deserve this more than jay rock.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian a.k.a Young B
    Hell yea i saw that today too im HELLA excited.... I think it was a good move for Jay Rock and Top Dawg Ent... Strange Music is getting some good cats on their side, shit first Brotha Lynch now Jay Rock who's next???? Devin The Dude?? But Jay Rock is sick an even though people don't really know him he gotta big name fo himself, he gonna have his first Strange Album release next spring.....

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    I asked him at the meet and greet at the denver show on the 24th and he said it was official, and then at the end of the show tech announced it.

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    hell ya jay rock aka get paper if u askin....nigga goes hard

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    Yeah I made a post on this already I'll bump it so there isn't a hundred of these

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