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Thread: Recipe for disaster???

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    Recipe for disaster???

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    I think we all know where this is going...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TK
    I think we all know where this is going...

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    i saw that on a different news program. It's all good, he's been friends with that crocodile for 20 years.

    i didn't watch this video, so i'll tel u why it's no problem

    The crocodile was left for dead after a farmer shot it.

    This guy took it, raised it in his backyard.

    The crocodile came back to him when the man tried to free it back into a lake, river, w.e it was

    20 years later, he's doing fine

    The only problem would be that the crocodile might go insane on people who watched them perform

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    thats fuckin badass...

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    lol Chito is a nirmal Costa Rican fisherman, want do you what him to do lol
    RIP to Irwin. i know people thought he was subjecting animals to discomfort and/or pain, but he had a passion for animals, and it's unfortunate to lose someone who has so much fasination in the natural world

    Quote Originally Posted by Benjmain Smith
    I don't think Cheeto iz az bad az Steve Irwin.
    Irwin would go out of hiz routine just to get some attention and camera time.
    Irwin died for it, Cheeto only haz one crocodile, for 20 years, and seems like he still respects what the animal iz capable of.

    Damn, now I too would like to have a crocodile for a pet.

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