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Thread: Doubt this has been brought up yet soooo....

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    Doubt this has been brought up yet soooo....

    now since this had to do with shock treatment( i like the album, not hating) i doubt this has been posted but the song freaks is the shit but techs verse is fukkin insane haha, he goin hella hard, but in a calm tone, one of my new fav verses

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    and song this year

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    this about Scoob. i'm not into his stuff, but he always seems to do good stuff on features.... (except B Boy)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tech Fan
    yes his verse is amazing, he never fails to impress, the rest of the song... ehh man wont lie didnt really like this album :S yes kali im very shocked cuz i liked Vitiligo and fuckin loved Genius, but since all three albums are different it doesnt bother me at all, im sure his next album will be another ill enjoy. after all the threads i saw i never posted about kail's new ablum, In My Dreams, All Gas No Brakes, Hard Core i liked ah and tonight the bonus,, hope no one hates on me lmao

    oh one more thing i remember in another thread ppl saying Big Scoob is impressive on features... hell yeah he always stands out... In My Dreams... Stranger... Dysfunctional

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    I thought the whole Shock Treatment album was dope. Freaks definately did stand out though. Tech killed all of his verses on ST. I thought he had better verses on Kalis shit than on TGMP.

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    fasho scoob really got me hooked after i heard breathe again, thats 1 of my Strange favorites the flow is pimp, and even on b boy i liked it, he really has that street ish influence on tracks that they picked him up for and it sounds fresh as fuck everytime

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    i dont have nothing in common with the rappers past
    because i never went to gym right after
    i never like sport or any sort of event on the court i abort immediatly

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    liked the album, not a big fan of this song though

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    yeah, when i first heard this the chorus made me wanna skip it but i didnt, but i didnt bother to listen to the lyrics, but it came up on a playlist and i heard techs verse n was like "holy shit!!!" and restarted it and listen to it, if it had a better chorus it would have been a better song, but the story in it is actually very good, good imagery in this song.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    liked the album, not a big fan of this song though

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    album bangs hard, perfect for getting pumped for a party, tech DESTROYS freaks as he does every verse on this album

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    Real question is. What the fuck are the lyrics? lol

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