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Thread: Hopsin / Travis Barker EP?

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    Hopsin / Travis Barker EP?

    Would be legit

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    Hmm I Liked What Travis Barker Did With Yelawolf Hopefully Hopsin Does Good On His Part

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    travis is a great producer and hopsin is a great rapper. this shit is going to be dope!

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    Soo legit

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    ok cool cuz i JUST saw this post from Hopsin and I re-read it and re-read it and i was sittin there thinkin like "what the fuck did i miss?" lol the way hop said it like we all knew it was coming. haha SUPER pumped for it though

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    I wasn't impressed with Psycho white, Hopefully this turns out better, I'm sure it will

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    To expand, Travis Barker really hasn't impressed me much with his integration into hip-hop. There are a few collabs that I thought were dope but for the most part people only care cuz his name is Travis Barker. Must I remind you that he was in that gay-ass band blink-182, his music really isn't that special. I guess if you want music from a couple of teenie-boppers, then i see the reason for excitement.

    Quote Originally Posted by SRH II

    I wasn't impressed with Psycho white, Hopefully this turns out better, I'm sure it will

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    coming 2013

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