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Thread: WOW...defamation suit....niiice

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    WOW...defamation suit....niiice

    I don't know how many of you read the now deleted post about my vehicle being seized in Weirton, WV by the drug task force.

    So, for those of you who DID read it and replied with your support, just know that I am now being sued by one of the cops in question for defamation of character because I said publicly that he had a hand in the whole thing and in my opinion he was corrupt.

    So back to court we go.

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    Ah ha. A friend loaned me his Ford Explorer to go to the store, run wife around....just for a few weeks till court.

    Yeah. Well, 5 cops later and after a punch in the head.....this truck's been seized now too because it is suspicious to drive after midnight int his town.

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    haha man... your town sucks huh? so whens your court date

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    Damn that sucks. I hope you get through this. And the cop probably is corrupt because if he wasn't he wouldn't be suing. People get really mad at the truth.

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    In the words of Tupac, "I even got cops tryin to sue me." The legal system is fucked now a days dude. I hope you get through this for real. When I first got my license I was driving my mom's car cause I didn't have one yet...I got pulled over and the cop thought I stole my moms car. So he had me drive back to my house so he could see for himself that I didn't. Also, my name was on the insurance card I gave him. He just felt like bein a douche cause I was 16 and he thought I was lying to him.

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    hahaa sue them for wrongfully seizement of personal property........its a win win situation if they didnt find shit.

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