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Thread: Random Movie Thought....

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    Random Movie Thought....

    Anybody else gettin sick n fuckin tired of seeing EVERYTHING come out in god damn 3D? It's a dead fuckin horse and they just won't quit beatin tha shit out of it... I mean, c'mon, Jackass 3D?!? I'm sorry, but I don't wanna see any god damn 3 dimensional nutsacks flyin at my face, or anything else, really..

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    tru shit

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    u wont have to..some theaters play them in 3D and non 3D

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    I'm aware. I don't have a 3D theater in my area, but it's the fact of the matter. it seems like ever since Avatar came out, EVERYTHING after has been in 3D... it's getting a little sickening. At this point I don't even think they need to inform us that a movie is gonna be in 3D. We can just assume it ourselves now, thanks....

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    lol i said the same thing last time i was at the movies. every single preview shown before the movie started was advertised as being in 3D. theyre trying to milk this whole 3D thing for all that its worth. Its been around foreverrrrrrrrrr, but for some reason its taking off huge all of a sudden. Movies, TVs, Video Games. Personally I always just see the regular version. I saw Avatar in 3D and non-3D, and i liked the regular version better. I find the 3D effects to just be a distraction to the rest of the movie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjmain Smith
    3D takes over the movie.
    Instead of making a good movie, with cool scenes and good dialog, they worry more about what they can throw towards the camera...

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    fuck 3-d vision..i wanna see a movie in Wonka Vision.

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    i agree. seems like EVERYTHING and its fuckin mom is comin out in 3D. next thing you know IMAX will take over the world

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    didnt u hear?? all strange videos are gonna be in 3D from now on

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    U guys do realize this is gonna turn into hologram tech??? Shits about to get real fuckin dope around here and soon your video games and porn will be a hell of a lot more interactive than a simple dvd menu. Oh yeah beowolf in 3d>>>>>>>>> and while I'm buzzed you know what else would be dope if they brought it back,??? Drive ins

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