Tech blowing up man. All cuz us fans have been continually supporting Tech N9ne and Strange Music throughout the years and then the recent XXL interview with Tech has brought Strange Music to point where the mainstream can no longer ignore him. Although some or most of us might not like lil wayne or some of these other artists that Tech is talking with and around lately like 50 cent and Wacka Flock Flame i don't see Tech changing on us and to repeat what others have already said this will get Tech and Strange to the rest of the world which has been the goal all along. Also in this link the thing that i was excited to see is the pic with Saigon. If u haven't heard of Saigon check him out he got a lot of good songs too. The best one's in my opinion are "pain in my life" ",gotta believe it","true story","come on baby" and "we gon ride".