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    Man wtf is goin on here. Everybody has different opinions and claims to be true fans because they either support this whole wayne collabo and the new direction or because they disagree with those ideas.

    Im far from a dick rider. I support the man, and there is pleanty of stuff tech has done that i didnt agree with, hell, i still havent bought KOD because i didnt like the content (still gunna buy it for the collection, just havent gotten around to it.) And when he cut his hair and just stupid shit. But i still considered him my favorite rapper and the most talented rapper to ever touch a microphone in my opinion.

    Theres been plenty of musicians i liked that i dont anymore because of the and change of direction. So who cares, move on and just bump the old shit, now just in saying that i can see where harvey dent came from. Because ill listen to old Jay-Z and old Nas and old lil Wayne, but i dont bump the newer shit because i dont like it. But theres still people violently expressing their opinions on techs direction. Which is cool, but if you honestly dont like whats going on, then dont listen to him anymore. Its as simple as that. Shit i did it through the KOD days. Not every body is going to like what others are doing all the time. Ive been a tech n9ne fan since 19fuckin99 and ive seen his changes and his growth but one thing that hasnt changed and has improved is his talent and skill and his realness to show appreciation to his fans and untill he stops doing those things, then ill agree to "stand in a line and punch him in the face", because the man loves his musuc and definatally has MUCH LOVE for his FANS. Ive seen it plenty of times.

    Dont get mad, dont get offensive, dont talk shit. say what you gotta say and feel. Couple things i hate about this website is people talkin mad shit and being thousands of miles away and actin like they opinions should be law...all of us here agree and disagree on everything brought up.

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    aint tht the truth ive been waitin on someone to say somethin bout this....i meen ive out my words in on other forums but nthn everone act like they havent seen shbit n procede to tlk shit like my man said if u like it bump it if u dnt then dnt listen to it i idc wut tech does its tech n if u dnt kno wut i meen just read the discussion Tech N9ne,Strange Music ADAN

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    Very well put!....i personally havent come across an ablum that i didnt like, i mean i like some more than others, but i like em all......And yea i know what u mean with every one always talkin shit in these things, its annoying as fuck!...good post dog!!

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    don't see how u didn't like K.O.D, tbh, but well said

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    yup yup.. well said. I particularly like the title of the post. Lol. if me liking just about everything the man does musically makes me a "dick rider", then I guess I'ma ride that dick while listenin' to my favorite rapper's music. Lol. simple as that.

    I'ma also have to agree with "a tie a".. K.O.D was AMAZING, but, to each their own. Doesn't effect me in the least.

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    Yahhh There's a lot of the new shit that I don't dig at all..KC Tea I fucking hate that song. But I'm not going around bitching about it..I just jam Anghellic, Everready, etc..

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    I feel this was the best way to say things where people can agree or agree to disagree and has a point. Every one loves tech and his music but still has certain prefrences in his albums and s of them, and no reason to trash the dude, if you trash him, again, its cool, just stick to his old stuff and dont bitch, come back when he drops another album/collabo/mixtape that you might be feelin' again.

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    How can something not change, but still improve?

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    well,bc in my opinion he is the same but better, as in his grew but not in fucked up way to where its totally off the wall.

    Quote Originally Posted by noremaC semaJ
    How can something not change, but still improve?

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    Tru shit...that's why ive been rocking with him, he's has been the most consistant/versital rapper in the last decade, and he never dissapoint when it comes to his music, or when he's featured, you can't say that about really any other artist. What it seems like is that some of his fans look to deep into it, or they just "wanna hog him for themselves" and not understanding what tech is really trying to do... the man says he's the complete technique, he wants to infect the world with his music, and it should be a crime for people to not witness good music. everybody complains about the artist and music on the radio all the time, and now it's the time that tech is finnally getting his exposure, and his "fans" are backing away from him, because off wayne...that's is the "industry rap god" right now, thats the best exposure this man can get, so he can put everyone on strange and KC through the door. Also this man did songs with mims, paul wall and other dudes thats definitly not on his level, and what did he do, he "pac attacked" their asses. This is his oppurtunity to show the world what they have been missing for the past decade, that he's not only the K.O.D, but the K.O.H.H....i can't wait till he get wayne, em, ye, jay, anybody on a track so he can destroy him the Revalations of Rap...HA(that's so funny that it's true). It's time we share tech to the rest of the world.... and to make sure he gets as much exposure, do what i do, invite people who never heard of him to a tech show, c'mon you kno that will definitly turn them into fans
    oh and your lunching, K.O.D is on the same level as anghellic and everready...but that's my opinion...

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