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Thread: I had a dream

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    I had a dream

    That my wife and I were trying to sneak in all kinds of bud into a tech show and the security guards were only letting us take in the chronic in and they made us take the schwagg back to the car.
    Then tech started performing new songs from 6's n 7's and it sounded like the sickest shit i ever heard in my life. So to even have a dream about being at a tech concert makes me feel like an even bigger stan but rest assure that since i had this dream it is a sign that its gonna be dope!!

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    wierd shit is i dont even smoke weed

    Quote Originally Posted by steven crow
    LOL wtf duke.....STAN!!!

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    Only chronic? This obviously is a fuck the government type album then!!!
    Just kidding lol, that's interesting though haha.

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    hey tells us if this ever happens to become a precognition. i've had a few, and if u confirm this whenever it happens i'll know i'm not just thinking it

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