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Thread: Tech and the young fresh underground talent

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    Tech and the young fresh underground talent

    fuck the lil wayne, and eminem talk, we all kno tech will demolish wayne, and to be honest i see what people are saying about em and tech being similar, the only difference is tech was weird when he came out but got lynched for that shit, and em didn't and the weirdest shit about it is that tech got hung by his own people, but in all honesty, i would like to see the song done, but after the years of waiting for this to happen, i kinda dont care anymore if it does or not, plus i don't think em can compete on that level anymore.Now i rather see the underground kings team up with that young underground talent thats grinding just like the K.O.D
    i would like to hear tech on a song with...
    Wiz khalifa(wiz can spit fast, his first cd he drop he gets down fast and lyrically)
    Mac Miller
    Cool Kids
    chip the ripper
    Mr. Lucci and Mr.Pookie
    Tech Needs to do a song with the real King of memphis(skinny pimp)..that would wreck some havoc
    also songs with chamillionaire, throwback with do or die, and cruicial
    i wanna hear him wreck with P.T (Troy)
    cant forgot about my man 5'9" that would be my fav
    song with bizzy bone
    and Dirty....
    what other artist would you like to hear him with from the underground, or not well known industry artist will you like to hear him with

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    Royce and Tech already did a track. it's just now what it's released on.
    And no1 said Em was similar to Tech except certain clowns who think Em imitated Tech. people just want to see that collab coz it'd be sick.
    Why don't you want to see the legendary Rain Dollaz collab with Tech? or Pocket Change? SMFH LEMON CUPCAKE ASS NIGGA

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