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Thread: Strange Music Snake & Bat Belt Buckle

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    Strange Music Snake & Bat Belt Buckle

    I know they sell the belt buckles in the VIP packages, but is there anywhere else to buy them? Or does anyone else have one they want to sell me?

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    im pretty sure they have them in the store, their like 30 or 50 dollars i dont remember, hope this helps

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    I can't find it in the store anywhere.

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    they probably took them off cause there in the VIP packs. they should put them back on once the tour is over, or you can buy one on the tour. There only like 25 bucks.

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    Ya I missed the concert up here cuz I had to work. Thanks though, I'll keep checking the store after the tour is over

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    Online i got mine at kod tour with a flask at the merch booth

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    They sold them at the strange days tour but near the end we sold them all.....

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