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Thread: San Diego Local Rappers

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    San Diego Local Rappers

    Who in The City of SD think they got the better flow.... 1) Everyone put down your name and were we can hear your music/email/attachments/etc.

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    Maybe we can come together as a city and do collaborations..... time to put us up on the map so the world can see us....

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    sd already on the map got jayo felony. lil rob . lil uno knightowl shadow bunch of chicano rappers

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    Ever seen the local openers on the Tech Shows? DieNasty or some shit like that. They are pretty good. They have opened for Tech on the Sickology, KOD and Strange Days SD Shows.

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    u htink i dont know that... i mean really on the map... to were people talk nuttin bout the SD.... doin it all for the Music....

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    anyone ??

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