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    Now, I know discussions about him have already been made but....I was talkin to my brother today on the phone, who has been in prison since 2007...and he asked me if DMX has come out with any thing new since he's been in there. I told him, sadly no. I recently watched a radio interview with DMX on World Star Hip Hop. The one where he calls out Plies...maybe some of you have seen it. Honestly, I think hip-hop needs rappers like DMX. He's never been afraid of what people are gonna think about his music. He jus writes whatever the hell he wants...and it's usually bangin. The Great Depression is still one of my favorite hip-hop albums of all time. What do you guys think??? I remember a while ago, I saw a show here in Boise where Tech opened for DMX...and after that I thought, damn maybe they'll collab. Cause that track would be sick as shit. But yeah, thoughts??? Please don't start talkin bout his past drug habits either, stick to the music.

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    yeah dude that motherfucker is good.. but he got in trouble and shit. idk if he will ever make new shit

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    he was walkin in the mall here in the kc area i think. when he had came here awhile back. cause this girl got a pic wit him. and i be he will make another cd.. just gonna be in time.

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    One of the best rappers of all time, period.

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    I've been listening to this album lately:

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    i think he will be making another album. He's been through a lot these past couple years, and he probably feels the need to write about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by josue delgado
    yeah dude that motherfucker is good.. but he got in trouble and shit. idk if he will ever make new shit

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    Checkout inteviews on youtube..he mentions hes makin a gospel album said this wen he was soon to get out of prison but also makin so normal shit on the side dont no bout yall but shit id be down with a dmx gospel album shit wod be raw

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    Tech said he wanted to sign X which would b dope i love DMX i think a tech collab would b good for both parties

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    I love his delivery forreal. he is nothing like the rest.

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