Hey hold up I really think they got it twistied Eclipse up in the building representing Mississippi and we don't play no games, so you don't wanna get me pissed I come through like a derby da demolition all 6 we don't play no games, you ain't even gotta say my name take a look at the parsuelation at the end of the motha what, so you thinking you can dance well my brother take a chance with my machete cause really I can cut it up, I'm the number one triple starter attack, coming black, while I sit at the funeral heartattack, but the acctual cause of death was cause you was talking about finishing me so I had to pause your breathe was like ughhhh, and then he fell shut on the ground I wish a front motha fucka would try to hate on me now but what they gonna say to me now, you don't physical or verbal altercation better stay with the noun, I'ma lyrical wordsmith, never you heard this, your is so worthless, my flow is on purpess, I spit it so perfect, when I realease thy track, I will never with a morgue what a beast am I, like your dealing with a villian of revalation, witness in elevation, right in front of there face and, this is inovation thats patiently waiting to break through the matrix of rap renavation, even if it is coming with a killa flow you don't even gotta like it but I bet they goin to feel me though, really though you thugging go run and make a new video but you faker than the vocals by the minature men, speed demon give me the beat and I eat it you call me needy your wheaties, like I'm pitty and cleasy watch how I mangle and squeeze it, while all my haters defeated so you can leave a nigga the message cause I don't be giving a damn

might not be all be right so if you tell me I'll edit the wrong parts