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Thread: New Twiztid...........had 2 download it,couldnt wait anymore

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    New Twiztid...........had 2 download it,couldnt wait anymore

    Im still gunna buy it,the album is devestating.......Its definitly diffrent but fuck it,keeps shit from gettin 2 stale...its awesome how they can drop a cd and its always diffrent,The shit never sounds like the 1 b4 it,love that shit about twiztid....its cool how they adressed that bullshit law and order episode to.Somone had 2 say it,hahahaha

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    yeah twiztid are levels above the rest on psy right now. like u said they always come with something fresh

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    fuck yeah this album is beyond dope. jamie and paul schooled it hard can't wait to get my hard copy

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    yeah HG just got my money order friday so i wont get my copy until this coming friday so i have a while to wait

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    shit is sooooooo sick i love it

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    whats the link homiez?

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    here ya go fam

    Quote Originally Posted by Crude the Klown
    whats the link homiez?

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    it's in my top 3 albums for this year (along with DAAM and Xerxes)

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    its in my top 3 as well i gotta say this album is defintly sick i can defintly relate to these songs

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    This cd is sick as fuck. Blaze talked to my homie tonight at the KMK show we were at in Chi town and said Twiztid put hardcore work into it.

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