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    There are a lot of tight movies in the makes for being new sequels or remakes, and i for one am suuuuuuuuuuuper excited, mostly because i loooooove movies, haha, but im just wondering what sequels/remakes you all have heard about and are excited for?

    The ones im most excited for:

    I am Legend(prequil)

    I Robot 2

    Independance Day 2

    Independance Day 3

    Men in Black 3

    Stephen Kings "IT"(remake)

    Jurassic Park 4(supposed to start work on it after captain america movie)

    Scream 4

    Childs Play(remake)

    Handcock 2

    New Untitled Batman Movie(Johnny Depp as Riddler)

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    holy shit will smith is gunna be a buissy man... he in like all of these

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    sin city 2 & 3
    jumper 2
    Xerxes(300 sequel)

    movie overall tho that im most excited for is the fighter with christain bale(Best actor alive) and mark whalberg(one of the best alive)

    also johnny depp isnt the riddler. its already been 3 people.. leonardo dicaprio, jdepp, and james franco.. they dont have a for sure one yet. lol i just looked at imdb and now theyre saying its Joseph Gordon-Levitt.... he would be my least favorite out of the 4 for sure.

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    the scream 4 could be cool but an IT remake would be awesome.

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