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Thread: Massive Moves Ent. The future of music

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    Massive Moves Ent. The future of music


    "Massive Moves Promotions was founded by Top Notch Productions to help advance the spread the local artists involved to a global status. Massive moves currently consists of: Top Notch founders and artists, Black September engineer and artist, Smoke producer and artist, the Astro Boys, and Advertising Editor George Collins aka GC (also author of this blog site). " - via MySpace

    Company Massive Moves Ent. has been making "Massive Moves" since October 10,'s a music Promotion Comp. that consist of different genres like Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Hardcore, ical, Instrumental, and a genre MME Founder Antwone Williams Aka Baby Joka(Artist,Creator of MME) created entitled "Feel Good" which was created Quote from Baby Joka "My of music isn't like anything out today.When I listen to my own music compared to others out their I.feel good..and I know personally that I can't feel the music out today [ don't get me wrong there are so many great artist but most of them aren't as big as they should be] so that's why I created 'Feel Good' Music instead of rap because I know I'm not a rapper...". The industry today is complex these days you have to know somebody who know somebody who know somebody basically to get into the Music Game but Me ( GC ) personally believe in them.even before I joined in MME I saw the potential in them from what they said to what they did. They motivate me to become something more than what I am. I can see Massive Moves achieving there goals step by step and they are running up. Quote from Black September about how he felt about MME " Yeah man, Massive Moves all day..We're making it slowly but surly...Massive Moves is my baby, and just like it Im gon raise it to become something better..I'll always remember 'Massive thoughts encourage massive moves'" ( other members couldn't be contacted at time of article ).Lately MME has collaborated with a rock group entitled "" which you can find on Facebook and MySpace. MME collaboration with Honor Flight is to help support, Advertise, and bring their Band up as they do the same for MME.*

    Courage and Strength is our key points.and that's what we look for in if you come and work for us bring your all, and show us..NO NO..not just us show everyone all your potential and make these massive moves because that's our goal and no one will/can stop us. So think positive; keep your head up and know that you have the support of MASSIVE MOVES and GOD( mostly him ). fully supporting you as we climb to the top together. MASSIVE MOVES

    Listen to the Massive Move Artist's Music on there Facebook page ( link below )

    "Massive Thoughts encourage Massive Moves!"

    Listen to Baby Joka of Massive Moves on





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