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Thread: CoD MW2 or Halo Reach

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    CoD MW2 or Halo Reach

    hey technicians imma buy either CoD MW2 or Halo Reach and i need help decieding which one to get so give me your opinion

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    I played MW2 for around 3 months and it was pretty badass, but now I just bought Reach and I like it better than MW2.
    They're two completly different games, so depends on what you like to do.
    Reach is more of a team game where as MW2 you can be by yourself and still do a pretty good job.

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    I play mw2, i like halo but i just play mw2 more cus i like call of duty haha, personally id recomend waiting and buying black ops, cus thats what ima do but its really wether u like the cod or halo franchise better

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    I hate Halo with a passion. Lol. I play COD every so often, but I like it a lot better than any Halo game.

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    this.... except i got Reach and i think its pretty sick, but if u want COD just wait 4 BlackOps

    Quote Originally Posted by The Crazy Englishman!
    If your not gonna get halo, then wait for black ops, MW2 is an amazing game but Black Ops looks so much better. I havent played Reach, but when I get Black Ops, im gonna be waiting to buy Reach lol. Reach does look epic and Forge world looks insane. Its down to you really. I prefer CoD's multiplayer so I'd say that.

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    two totally different games that cant really be compared. i love em both

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    They are both great on live BUT Reach has a horrible campaign.

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    cant be worse than ODST's campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by TechFan4Life
    They are both great on live BUT Reach has a horrible campaign.

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    Get reach,COD fuckin blows!

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