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Thread: V.I.P. shipping

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    V.I.P. shipping

    if this has been posted before just post a link to it, thanks.
    does anyone know how long the vip packages ship because i just picked up 2 for the show next week in denver the 24th and just want to know if they will get here before the show, thanks

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    It ships a week before the show. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you'll get it in time

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    thanks homie haha shyyt i shoulda just asked u on ur thread lol woulda made it easy

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    thanks for askin this question cuz i was wonderin the same thing.

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    yeah I just ordered mines online for the denver show too and I just spoke with the lady @ strange music cuz I wanted to make sure and they said it ships 7 days before the concert so maybe the day before or so.

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