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Thread: Big News on Tech, Wayne, Eminem

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    Big News on Tech, Wayne, Eminem

    sorry to make another tech and wayne thread, but this one is pretty important and in depth from important part:"In an exclusive sit down at the <em>XXL</em> offices, [watch below]
    Tech revealed some of the surprising details of his three-hour
    conversation with the Young Money CEO. "We talked about creationism and
    Darwinism, man," Tech said. "We talked a lot about people, we talked
    about Kanye, we talked about Waka Flocka, we talked about Nicki Minaj,
    we talked about T.I.. But three hours just kickin' it, man. It was a
    wonderful visit. They say at Rikers Island you can only get like an hour
    or two but we were there for like three and a half hours just going
    until the warden came in. The warden came in and it was time to stop,
    but I ain't wanna go, man."

    Before ending his visit, Tech and Wayne got to speak about everything from family and religion to the all-important possibility of collaborating in the near future. "[Wayne] also said that he wanted me on <em ="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Tha Carter IV</em> (oh snap) and I'm like, 'Yeah, nigga, let's go,'" Tech explained. "I said, 'I got one for you, too.' I got [a song] called 'This is Hip-Hop,' if I could get Marsha Ambrosius to sing on there and possibly get Eminem on it, too. He was like that sounds dope.""

    so sounds like Tech might be on Tha Carter IV. That would be as big of a collab as it could get. And it also sounds like Tech wants Wayne on one of his albums. Interesting

    Video vvvv

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    Lil Wayne on a song called "This is Hip Hop" *facepalm*.

    And to waste a possible Eminem verse on a song w/ Wayne is epically stupid IMO. God that would suck Tech!!! Whatever happened to the Em-Tech-BLH idea? Or how about what everyone wants, just a Tech & Em track.

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    All I want is, NO AUTO-TUNE!!!!!!!!!11111111112222222

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    smh..... i dont understand how he does a song with wayne on it called "this is hip hop". atleast doit with slaughterhouse or krs-one, fuckin anyone who knows what real hip hop is

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    Agreed. I think Tech forgot he did that other Hip Hop track, on Cognito's album.

    Quote Originally Posted by metal2death
    smh..... i dont understand how he does a song with wayne on it called "this is hip hop". atleast doit with slaughterhouse or krs-one, fuckin anyone who knows what real hip hop is

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    This is smart. If he can get Wayne on a track then em would be more willing to be on it too which equals a tech song getting HEAVY rotation on the radio

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    Tech getting on The Carter IV would be a good look overall, but I believe that if Wayne does hop on Tech's track, that actually may be the push needed for Em to say, "Ah fuck it...gimme the beat." I think Tech successfully nabbing Wayne for the track will impress Em. Compared to "My World," Tech is more known now, and a track featuring Wayne is more attractive than one featuring Lynch (more of the underground purists likes that idea).

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    Fuuuuuuckin Dooooooooope!!! This is it y'all, Tech's bout to go platinum. I just hope he comes wit some harder shit than he did on the Ollie Gates mixed plate. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of dope shit on there, but im gonna cry if he finally blows up, gets on tracks wit people like wayne and em, then just spits some less than par shit. everything tech ever spit, absolute power anghellic everready killer MLK sickology and KOD, has been straight fire. The only shit i put away after a few listens was OGMp. But I think that album was a little experimental anyway, tech tryin out what it would be like not to spit angry gangster ass shit all day. All 6's & 7's will be dope, I'm sure of it. Keep your fingers crossed y'all, here it comes...

    wayne dont even get out of jail til march though, n i heard tech aint droppin his new album til around then either. its bout to be a loooooong wait. BUT...OCTOBeR 1ST, SHOWBOX SODO IN SeATTLe!!!! maybe well hear some new shit then

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