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Thread: Cognito?

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    whats up with cognito not being on any of the stange music cd's no collabos, blh, raw and un-kutt, and shock treatment.

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    maybe he's busy working on his album.

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    ^ two fail responses

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    He talked about this during his last Ustream...he had stuff planned for the collabo's, but I guess him and Tech didn't further the conversation about it. No BLH, one really from Strange was on that album except for Sorry Momma It's Just Bleedin. I was surprised to see no Cog on Raw and Unkutt though, cause a few tracks I could of seen him gettin on. Shock Treatment, well yeah IDK bout that either. I also know he won't be on Damn Fool cause they started doin that album before he even knew about it. Sorta lame, but he IS doing a that'll be nice. Get some new shit from him in the next couple months. He played a few beats from it on his last Ustream and they were dope.

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    ^ one win response

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    spank you mr helpy helperton

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    ^ one win response

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    bc cog lyricallly isnt on blh's status, he shoulda been on shock treatment and the collabos tho.those are feel good party/pussy cd's he coulda done well on those. unkutt i think was a perfect mix. couldnt have made a better cd really

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    he wasnt on tech or blh cuz the making was done, he said it on a u stream. Hes workin on a mix now to give us somethin till his next album comes out next yr

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    Idk cognitos' ok got a few gd ones but on songs when he gets serious he reminds me too much of eminem like on seven school sins his lyrics reminded me of the old slim shady but u know my opinion...

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