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Thread: Chamillionaire's Tweet

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    Chamillionaire's Tweet

    Ok, thought I'd share it with y'all.Cham used to be my favorite rapper until I listened to Tech. But I still kept on listenin' to him, and to my opinion he got more and more commercial since Mixtape Messiah 6. Plus the Venom turnin' into a Detox... Well, anyway.Now I just came across his twitter, and saw this. Made me laugh. It's like dude sayin' "Stop suckin' my dick y'all". I think dude is dope (I think he was wayyyy doper before, but anyway) but he's getting a big head recently. I often see him despising people on his twitter. He barely answers to any tweet, on the contrary of Strange artists, but fuck.What d'yall think about this ?

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    vma's were wack.

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    i dont know anything bout twitting or tweeter or whatev, but i do like Koopa. He's one of my favs as well. I thought it was pretty impressive for a rapper of his status to go all Will Smith with Ultimate Victory and have no curse words on it. I'd say that takes a lot of skill and self control. Especially coming from the environment he did, most people like that have nothing but four letter words in their vocab.

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