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Thread: Where would Tech be without Kaliko?

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    Where would Tech be without Kaliko?

    What do yall think?

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    Well it was IcyRoc, Zkeircrow, Brian, Troy, Agginy, Phlaque, Dynomack, LaCoya, & Will The Weirdo.that brought Tech out of the pit... Then he was doing music with The 57th St. RDVs & The Regime. By the time Krizz Kaliko came into the game, Tech N9ne was already a success.

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    But kali is apart of every show tech does absolute chaos if they separated it would'nt be nowhere near the esame

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    Kali is such a large part of his music, performances, etc that I dont think he would have the success he has now without him. Tech would still be Tech but Kali just brings his music to a whole different level. On the other hand, Anghellic is one of my favorite albums of all time and Kali is only on one tracks of one of the versions. His music would be very different but with that said, Tech made Tech. Kali didnt make him. He just improved some aspects.

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    When i introduced Tech N9ne to my friends i usually start off with some Krizz Kaliko songs, then after awhile i play some Tech N9ne Ft. Krizz Kaliko. If it wasn't for Krizz Kaliko my friends wouldn't have even given the chance to listen to Tech, they feel Tech was to hard core, but after warming them up with Krizz, they now grew to love Tech's rawness.

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    lol without Krizz? I guarantee over 60% of the views off of Dysfunctional are because people spread it due to Krizz's hook on there, more or less the same with his K.O.D singles like Leave Me Alone and Low. And Imma Tell. Krizz is a huge part of Tech's success, that's why you still have people who think Tech N9ne is a group

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    He wouldn't have been as succesful as he is without him. they write alot of techs songs together even ones krizz isn't featured on.

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    Think about how many Tech N9ne tracks feature Krizz and don't even mention Krizz as a feature. Its crazy i mean for awhile Krizz was doing nearly every chorus.

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    Krizz Kaliko certainly helped Tech achieve his current level of success with his rapping career but I think eventually, even without him, Tech would still be successful, maybe not as much, maybe it would take him longer... But people would still have realize that he is a beast even without some really good hooks by Kali.

    And it's not like Tech can't do his own hooks; the only hook that was painful to listen to was "S.H.E." from Vintage Tech which was basically repetitive screaming over static. But off the top of my head, "Red Nose", "One Good Time", "F.A.N.S." all have great hooks done by Tech himself.

    Of course, without Krizz, you'd also lose his awesome rapping ability along with the awesome hooks.

    All I can say is I'm super thankful Tech and Krizz met and did what they did, they're a ic rap "duo" in my eyes.

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    Krizz is beast

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