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    Kool Keith

    Hey guys I know this isn't relevent to this site but I have nowhere else to go with this. This is the only meaningful forum I participate in. Does anyone know who M-Balmer is on Thee Undatakerz album? The chick. Have a bet with buddies. Tried Kool Keith forum but only got smart-ass replys.Any genuine response would be appreciated.

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    I have a hard time believing that not one of you guys knows about this. Maybe you don't care or "fuck that guy" is your answer. If thats the case then just say so. I've actually found some of you to be very knowledgable about alot of different things so that's why I brought this here. You know about more than Strange/Psychopathic shit you guys. I've seen it. I just want a right answer for this.If you want to talk shit to me than so be it. I'll indulge that. However, I would prefer a genuine response. Thank you very hard.

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    Can't help you, sorry.

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