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Thread: Get Around Question/Lyrics

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    Get Around Question/Lyrics

    I am curious who is singing on the track.

    Sounds like Rihanna or Beyonce, but I dont listen to them so Im not sure.

    Here are the lyrics to Techs verse.

    At first it seemed complicated, but it was all the -oom parts that fucked me up.

    I think Im about 95% right.

    Not sure what the first word in the second line is supposed to be.

    Im an amazing

    Lit when Im making

    L-O-V-E completely Im takin

    You to the mo-on

    but Im leaving real so-on

    Gotta zo-om

    but im leaving you money for the ro-omMany moons I get it

    any poon I wet it quick

    and I cant let it sit

    I dont got no etiquite

    Women I fetish it

    Eat em up like lettuce

    And feta cheda then Ima deada

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    bump, now that the cd is out, what is the name of the gril on the chorus of Get Around?

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    I don't know but it dose sound quite similar to beyonce

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    It is Kortney Leveringston That what it says in the insert for the CD anyway

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